by: Photo By Holly M. Gill - New Tiger Mart operator Jay Rizvi doesn't plan to make any name or employee changes to the popular Madras store, gas station and car wash.

   Tiger Mart has new owners, but if you didn't know, you might not notice, since most of the faces -- behind the counter, at the pump, and in the car wash -- will remain the same.
   New operator Jay Rizvi of Redmond said he plans no employee changes, and no name changes for the popular Madras business.
   Rizvi and partners Sunny Malik of Redmond, and Sohail Masood of West Linn, who formed Global Investments USA Corp., purchased the business Jan. 28 from longtime owner Rick Allen of Madras.
   Global Investments also owns Daisy Quick Stop in Redmond, which Malik manages.
   The biggest change that customers will notice is reduced prices and more products. "We've lowered prices up to 10 percent on almost every item," said Rizvi, "and we've increased products -- grocery, dairy and deli. Milk gallons will be $2.49, the cheapest price in town."
   Old favorites in the deli, such as Tiger Meals, will still be available, along with additional chicken varieties, such as hot wings and teriyaki chicken.
   Gas prices will remain competitive, and Rizvi will continue to offer coupons on Wednesdays for a $2.99 car wash with a fuel purchase.
   "Cars will be cleaner," after going through the carwash, Rizvi said, noting that he will be adding a prewash sprayer and undercarriage cleaner.
   Rizvi, who is looking into purchasing a home in Madras, has traveled halfway around the world in the past decade -- from his native Pakistan in southern Asia, to nearby Oman, to the United States about five years ago.
   After graduating from the six-year accounting program at Karachi University in Pakistan, Rizvi was hired by the Oman National Electric Company, where he worked for seven years.
   About five years ago, the company sponsored him to come to the United States to take the Oregon Board of Accountancy's exam in Salem to become a certified public accountant (CPA).
   He soon met and married his wife Shelly, who is currently living in Stayton until son Michael, 17, graduates. Shelly and daughter Stephanie, 9, will join Rizvi after school is out.
   "I love it here," said Rizvi, who learned English from his wife and kids, whom he visits on weekends. "We like this area. There is less traffic and less crime."
   Rizvi also enjoys the climate. "The weather of this area is very nice," he said. "The weather is very different from a big city like Portland. It doesn't rain as much. The water is healthy, too."
   The people Rizvi has met have favorably impressed him, too. "I like the people," he said.
   Manager Geoff Obermeier, who has worked at Tiger Mart for seven years, will continue in his position, as will longtime employee Yvonne Leno (18 years), Rick Strader (14 years), and Trudy Cunningham (nine years), Rizvi pointed out.
   "They're all happy with the new changes," he said.
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