Clackamas River Elementary School received good news on its annual report card.

Of the five traditional schools, Clackamas River Elementary was the only to receive an 'outstanding' rating. Eagle Creek Elementary, River Mill Elementary, Estacada Junior High and Estacada High School all received 'satisfactory' ratings.

The report card is based on student performance and a student's improvement over time.

Unlike the Annual Yearly Progress results, these ratings are based on the school as a whole and are not divided into smaller subgroups.

'We aren't surprised by any of these results,' Superintendent Howard Fetz said. 'While we are always disappointed when all of our schools aren't at the top, we realized that it isn't always realistic.'

While the district can look on the bright side in that they don't have any schools in the 'needs improvement' category, they still aim for more schools to reach the 'outstanding' level.

In the last three years, Clackamas River has earned the highest score possible, while the other four schools have all earned the satisfactory rating. The one exception was in the 2008-09 school year in which Eagle Creek Elementary also earned an 'outstanding' rating.

This year, high school requirements were raised for both the achievement and improvement categories. The achievement requirement increased by five points, while the improvement requirement increased by two points.

One thing to keep in mind with these ratings, however, is that they fail to differentiate between schools scoring near the top of the 'satisfactory' bracket and schools near the top of that bracket.

For example, last year Estacada High School was at the bottom of the 'satisfactory' bracket, but this year it showed significant improvement that moved them to the middle of the category.

All of the individual school report cards will eventually be posted on the district's website.

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