Why I'm here

To the Editor,
   Over the summer months the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store brought in just over $16,000 to be donated for hospital equipment and scholarships for Mountain View Hospital. The gift shop inside the hospital raised $5,186 over the summer months.
   We were able to purchase a tube-feeding instrument, and a harmonic scalpel. We are still in need of surgical lights that will be another $24,000.
   This year we were able to fund $13,025 in scholarships to help men and women become nurses and doctors in our community.
   We all have our reasons for volunteering for our hospital auxiliary. Let me tell you my reason. My dad, David Yow, was very sick a few years ago. He needed to go to the hospital. I knew it was Dad's heart that was in trouble and I knew that Bend was the best place for him, because our hospital here in Madras just doesn't have the equipment needed. I drove Dad to Bend and was very upset and anxiety filled my mind as I watched him gasp for air and could hardly open his eyes. Dad was having congestive heart failure. I had him in the emergency room in Bend 50 minutes later.
   I was told there that bringing him was the right thing to do. I saw a need here in Jefferson County for our hospital.
   I wanted to help. So I volunteered my time at the Thrift Store to help earn money to purchase equipment our hospital needs.
   My dad had to have open-heart surgery and passed away two months later at the age of 62. He was my hero, and this is just one way I can repay him for all he has done for me.
   We are still looking for more volunteers. It's fun and you can work as little as two hours a day if you want. Come see us.
   God bless everyone that reads this.
   Stepanie Gallagher, Auxillary member