To the Editor,

   I have read many times of other person's frustrations regarding the police services and the children's services. To me it is no longer a laughing matter. Sept. 19, my grandson, son and daughter had a traumatic experience with the Madras City Police which quickly escalated to involve the sheriff's office.
   Apparently there was a warrant for a man with the same name as my grandson. My grandson was taken to the JCCF and his 20-month old son was turned over to the Jefferson County Children's Services.
   It was much later in the day that someone noticed the warrant was for a white male who had lived in a larger city. My grandson is full blooded Native American and could even be considered black. Now what's wrong with this picture?
   The child was turned over to Warm Springs Children's Protective Services, who took the ball and ran with it. Without a trial, the family was told that we could not "get the child back."
   There seems to be a great power struggle and the child has to pay for it. I have requested a written explanation from the City PD and the sheriff's office and suddenly all the persons in charge are on vacation. My request was for a public apology for the trauma your mistake caused for my family.
   Neda Wesley, W.S. tribal member #74
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