>   The North Unit Irrigation District Board of Directors has extended the water shut-off date to Thursday, Oct. 19.
   The ditchriders will not be delivering water on Friday, Oct. 20.
   Growers who have water running at that time, and who do not want it to run through the weekend, must call Wednesday afternoon before 5 p.m., to have water turned off for areas below Haystack Reservoir. Areas above Haystack must call between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m., Thursday for shut-off.
   Farmers who want water to run through the weekend can just leave their irrigation running.
   Water running on the lower ends of the project laterals likely will still have water running through Sunday or Monday, so growers in those areas are asked to plan for that.
   Those with questions may call Bob Ringering at the district office at 475-3625, or by cell phone at 480-8916.
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