In the battle for endorsements in the Portland mayor's race, New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady and former City Commissioner Charlie Hales are playing a game of one-upmanship.

This week, Brady held a bash to tout an endorsement from former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. He joins such other one-time politicos as former Multnomah County Chair Bev Stein and former state senators Jane and Ron Cease.

Meanwhile, Hales can point to former Portland Parks Director Zari Santer and Sue Porter, whose husband Jim Kelly owns Rejuvenation Hardware.

On the other hand, state Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-House District 47 in Southeast Portland) doesn't even have an endorsement or news page on his website. A quick Google search turned up the endorsement of one semi-well known name, United Church of Christ Minister Chuck Currie, a relentless social service advocate.

Poll says Fritz needs more money

Although Commissioner Amanda Fritz has only limited experience raising campaign contributions, she has spent a substantial portion of her small war chest on a poll. Fritz was elected to the City Council on public funds through Portland's now-defunct Voter Owned Elections program. Her major opponent in the 2012 election is state Rep. Mary Nolan, who has already raised more than $88,000 and still has more than $68,000 in the bank. Fritz has only raised a little more than $31,000, including a $25,000 personal loan. She has spent $13,400 on Goodwin Strategic Research, a California polling firm on a voter survey.

Then again, maybe Fritz hopes the results will help her with potential large contributors in coming months.

The expenditure leaves Fritz was a $15,400 deficit. In the meantime, Nolan is picking up more support from people and organizations that do business with the city and are apparently not worried about offending Fritz. They include developer Jim Winkler ($500) and Cease Fire Oregon Executive Director Elise Gaulter ($200).

Stacey's Sugar Daddy

When wealthy environmental activist Eric Lemelson finds a candidate he likes, he sticks with him. Lemelson, a lawyer who owns Lemelson Vineyards in Yamhill County, was Bob Stacey's biggest contributor in his losing race against Tom Hughes for Metro President last year. Lemelson gave Stacey more than $70,000 for his 2010 primary and general election campaigns. Lemelson also serves on the board of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters political action committee, which gave Stacey nearly $33,000 and also mailed several campaign pieces supporting him.

Stacey is a former executive director of the land-use watchdog 1000 Friends of Oregon. Now Lemelson is supporting Stacey in his race for Metro Council District 6, the seat vacated by Robert Liberty and held by former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts, who is not running for the position. Lemeleson has already given Stacey $20,000 for the race, almost half of the money the candidate has raised so far this year.

So far only one person has filed against Stacey. He is Jonathan Levine, who says he does not intend to raise or spend more than $750 in 2011 or 2012.

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