Six new Measure 37 waivers, affecting over 960 acres, were approved by the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners during the month of October.
   Three of the six October waivers were authorized by the commission at its last meeting Oct. 25. Measure 37 waivers permit landowners to use their property as was allowed when they acquired their property.
   Leonard and Sylvia Parsons, of Madras, were unanimously granted a waiver to allow them to divide their 10.3-acre property, located on Southeast Dover Lane, into two additional lots, with a dwelling on each. They acquired their property, currently zoned for exclusive farm use, on Oct. 5, 1983, when it was zoned rural residential, which allowed parcels of 2 acres.
   Gregory Poysky, of Seattle, Wash., received a waiver on three parcels totaling 610.25 acres of exclusive farm use land. The largest, at 236.67 acres, is south of Belmont Lane, from Elk Drive on the east, to just past Cinderpit Road. The second largest parcel, at 234.86 acres, is on the south side of Round Butte, adjacent to the east border of the Round Butte Recreation Area. The smallest, 80 acres, is located primarily east of Mountain View Drive.
   When Poysky acquired the property on Aug. 7, 1975, it was zoned R-2 Recreation Residential, which required a minimum lot size of 2.5 acres. He will be allowed to divide the property into parcels from 2.5 to 5 acres.
   George Dimick of Madras, and Michael and Kelly Cook of Estacada, received unanimous approval on a waiver to allow them to divide 3.84 acres of rural residential land into .51-acre lots, with a dwelling on each lot.
   The Cooks acquired the property in 2002, but Dimick reserved a life estate on the property, which he has owned since Dec. 28, 1948. The property is located along South Adams Drive, north of Dimick Lane, in Madras.
   On Oct. 11, the commission authorized a waiver to allow Joyce and Wayne Lich, of Ward Cove, Alaska, to build a single-family residence on a 40-acre parcel they own, located east of U.S. Highway 26 on the Jefferson/Crook County line.
   Joyce Lich acquired the property, currently zoned rangeland, on Sept. 10, 1979, when it was considered general agriculture land, and a single-family dwelling was a permitted use.
   By a vote of 2 to 1, William Mohr, of Madras, was granted a waiver to divide 297.04 acres, located on both sides of North U.S. Highway 97, south of Quaale Road, and south of Trout Creek, into 40-acre parcels, with a homesite on each.
   Mohr acquired the property on Feb. 25, 1974, when it was zoned general agriculture. It is currently zoned rangeland, which requires a 160-acre minimum lot size.
   Commission Chairman Walt Ponsford voted against the waiver application, stating that it was incomplete, while commissioners Mary Zemke and Bill Bellamy voted for it.
   William and Janet Ayers, of Metolius, were unanimously granted a waiver to develop a single-family residence on a 2-acre parcel they own east of Bear Drive in the Culver area.
   The Ayers acquired the property, currently zoned for exclusive farm use, on Oct. 25, 1967, when it was in an agricultural district, which allowed 1-acre parcels with a dwelling on each.
   "If ever there's a situation where Measure 37 fits, this is it," said Ponsford in approving the waiver.
   The county has now approved a total of 70 waivers, affecting about 6,930 acres of land, with the potential to create at least 50 subdivisions.
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