The update of our city's Comprehensive Plan is now in year two of a three-year process. In the first year of the planning process the Vision was developed, validated and endorsed. Your Vision for Lake Oswego in 2035 is the framework for the next two years' work: Developing goals and policies that will provide for the present and ensure that Lake Oswego can sustain a high quality of life for future generations. To review the Vision go to:

Our current Comprehensive Plan has 12 chapters. To make the new plan easier to use, the 12 chapters have been reorganized into seven new Action Areas: Community Culture, Complete Neighborhoods and Housing, Connected Community, Economic Vitality, Community Health and Public Safety, and Inspiring Spaces and Places. Rather than remaining a stand alone chapter, Sustainability is integrated throughout every Action Area.

Over this next year, we, as a community, will use the 2035 Vision for each of these areas and consider the specific direction needed to make it a reality. Do the current goals and policies provide this direction? What is missing or needs to be changed? In the last year of the process we will take the policies and ask how we can implement them. It is when aspirations turn to action items.

In case you missed it - here is a summary of the process. The review of our Comprehensive Plan, more formally referred to as Periodic Review, is a three-year process to inform, engage and solicit input on how we can update our existing Comprehensive Plan so it depicts what the community strives to be and become. Since 1978, Lake Oswego has been guided by a set of goals and policies that outline how the city should plan for the community. The Comprehensive Plan is the basis for all land use planning and growth management actions in Lake Oswego. It addresses everything from citizen involvement and economic development to transportation, natural resources, housing and infrastructure. It is part of a statewide system of planning put into place in the 1970's. Lake Oswego is revising its plan, last updated in the 1990s, due to a state requirement for us to update our plan by a 2013.

Through upcoming Community Summits, we will ask how policies can fulfill the recently endorsed Vision for the future of Lake Oswego in 2035. Keep an eye out for Community Summit dates in the 'HelloLO.' The first of the Community Summit is Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. at the Lake Oswego High School library. The focus of this Summit is the Community Culture action area: Civic Engagement, Recreation, Education, History and Arts.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you as we continue to plan Lake Oswego's future.

Sally Moncrieff, Lake Oswego, is a Lake Oswego City Councilor.

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