>   To the Editor,
   Warm Springs is still the best (expletive deleted) public agency in Oregon. I firmly believe this because of my long history in Social Services.
   Recently the other reservations have been capitalizing on their ability to obtain public subsidies for social services and their ability to enjoy preferential treatment to provide a service to gamblers. Warm Springs was actively pursuing social services from every state, tederal, and private venue long before these other tribes organized themselves.
   I give kudos to the Warm Springs tribe for putting their tribal members needs first and being the first to do so. There is a big difference from the Warm Springs Tribe seeking social justice and the newbies who are seeking financial gain.
   As far as I can see the other tribes are still trying to capitalize on economic opportunity. I hope that works out for them. I think that someone has to speak out to praise the effort that has gone on before us and the spirit that will continue after us.
   Please stand by the Warm Springs tribe, their social policies and their financial endeavors. They have already done a great job and with all of your support can do better. I would like to see a thriving casino in Central Oregon However, I care more about a thriving agency that cares about its people.
   Dave White
Gold Beach, Ore.
Former director of Mental Health and Community Corrections for Jefferson County
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