Culver students help other kids


by: Photo By Debbie Lyons - Culver kindergarten students Caleb Usher, lfet, and Jared Garber, who originated the idea for his class to raise money for kids with cancer.

   By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Jared Garber, a kindergarten student at Culver Elementary School, had an idea to raise money for kids with cancer and shared this idea with his teacher Kelly Cloud.
   His original idea was a fruit stand, but that seemed too much of an undertaking for a kindergarten class. Soon the class brainstormed ideas including selling cupcakes.
   However, with Mrs. Cloud's encouragement on selling something a bit healthier ... they decided to sell popcorn.
   The class discussed how they would do it and came up with a plan of selling bags of popcorn for 25 cents each during a recess at the end of one of the school days.
   On June 1, Kelly Cloud's students' work paid off and they raised aproximately $50 selling bags of popcorn as well as receiving $20 in cash donations for their efforts.
   They sold 200 bags of popcorn during the last recess of the day and worked for 30 minutes waiting on other students, teachers and parents.
   Cloud explained that Erickson's Thriftway of Madras donated all the supplies for the project and volunteers helped pop the 24 pounds of popcorn and bag it.
   Stefanie Garber, Jared's mom and principal of Culver Elementary School, explained her son had witnessed his mom helping with Brendon Moore, a "Sparrow" child and one of Culver's kindergarten students last year who lost his battle with cancer.
   She said Jared had also watched a movie called "The Ride" about a one-time bull-riding rodeo champion who starts drinking, has an accident and gets sentenced to community service at a ranch camp. However, this man doesn't realize that some of the kids there have terminal illnesses. These two events inspired Jared to pursue his idea.
   The money will be donated to Candlelighters For Children with Cancer in Portland. Candlelighters is a nonprofit organization which was established in Oregon in 1977. They support families that have been affected by childhoood cancer in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Their mission is to provide support, education and advocacy.
   For further information about this organization, people can call (503) 235-5722 or check out their Web site at