>   The Madras fireworks show on the Fourth of July will have a special kickoff.
   Western Fireworks, the Canby company that supplies the Madras show, has contributed a "significant amount" of fireworks for a special opening to honor Tommy Tucker, noted Mike Ahern, organizer and fund-raiser of the Madras show.
   After the fireworks honoring Tucker, the Madras man recently killed in Iraq, there will be a period of silence before the rest of the show proceeds.
   There is still time to contribute to the Madras fireworks show -- a local Independence Day tradition since 1981. Send your business or personal contribution to: Madras Sparkler Fund, 1219 N.E. Upper Drive, Madras, OR 97741, or drop them off at Dick Dodson-Coldwell Banker Realty, at 83 S.W. K St. in Madras.
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