From Kipp family

To the Editor,
   The recent events that have catapulted Madras into the news prompts me to write to you and all the good folks in Madras and Jefferson County.
   My family and I lived in Madras in the years 1968-1974 while my husband Don served as school superintendent. Our daughter Becky graduated with the class of 1970 from Madras High. Our sons Tom and Jon attended elementary school in Madras Schools.
   Without a doubt our family bonded with the Madras community and formed many positive impressions of the community and its people.
   We would like to join you in expressing our grief at the loss of Thomas Tucker. Our hearts are heavy also as we count and recount all of the lives lost in Iraq. Like all of you-- this "hits close to home." Even though we are not in close proximity, we nonetheless feel we have lost one of ours. Our hearts go out to the Tucker family in their great loss.
   How decent of all of you to express your grief and mourn the loss of Thomas as you have done. But decent is only one word that we can use along with many other positive words to describe the wonderful, supportive people in Madras and Jefferson County.
   It would be my personal wish to take all of the genuine love of all of you and pour it on one brave leader in the world who could stand up and say "no more war."
   Our best wishes to all.
   Lenore Kipp & Family