Five-year-old donates locks


by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Makenzie Ozment had 14 inches of hair cut off to donate to Locks of Love.

Ezra-Mel Pasikatan
   Student Reporter
   Five-year-old Mackenzie Ozment's first haircut was a special event.
   Besides taking place on Mother's Day, the purpose of the haircut was to donate the hair to Locks of Love.
   Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization, makes custom wigs out of donated hair for financially disadvantaged children suffering from cancer or other illnesses resulting in long-term hair loss.
   Laurie Ozment, her mother, recounts two events which motivated Mackenzie to donate her hair: an aunt who had previously donated hair and something she saw on television.
   "She woke up one morning and said `I want to send in my hair to the kids who don't have hair,'" Laurie told the Pioneer.
   Laurie, who worked as a beautician for seven years, cut Mackenzie's hair and sent it to Locks of Love.
   "I want to send hair to the kids who don't have hair on their heads so they won't think they are ugly and they wouldn't be sad anymore," said Mackenzie.
   Mackenzie has no regrets about her donation. She said "I want to do it again."
   She has shown that giving part of yourself is really the best gift.