Bad move

To the Editor,
   I am at a loss to understand why a certain group of land developers (those with Measure 37 claims) should get special treatment in working toward development of their land. The County Board of Commissioners, by a vote 2 to 1 voted to approve bypassing the county planning commission and head straight for the county commission. The commission also agreed to waive some land use requirements. We now have two tracks for land development, those with Measure 37 claims and the rest for us. That is unfair! If the current rules are cumbersome, expensive and time consuming then they are for all of us and the system needs to be fixed and not grant special privileges to some. If the planning commission is seen as the bottle neck, then maybe it should be eliminated and all land development head straight to the county commission with reduced fees and requirements. It is always important to protect the interest of the community while balancing individual's right to develop their land.
   Clint Jacks