>   An Oregon City teen on a group rafting trip drowned July 6, after the raft she was on flipped in the turbulent Whitehorse Rapids area of the Deschutes River, 20 miles south of Maupin.
   The group of 13 teens and six adults, with rafting experience, had set out on a three-day river trip. But on the first day, while entering Whitehorse Rapids, the raft carrying 17-year-old Danielle Hagler, another girl and two adults flipped over after an oar caught on a submerged rock and the raft hit another rock sideways, according to a witness.
   The other three people surfaced, but Danielle did not. The group began searching and were helped by other passing rafters.
   The girl's family, friends and rescue teams searched the river for two days before Danielle's body was found Sunday with the use of an underwater camera.
   Extreme water currents had pinned her body against a large boulder, according to Steve Conover of the Wasco County Sheriff's office. The water was so turbulent that a rescue boat was swamped during the recovery effort and Danielle's body may not be recovered until later in the week.
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