Jefferson County trails behind in contest

One million page read-off

by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Avid reader Janice Alexander has been racking up the pages for the library's reading contest.

   At the halfway mark in the Jefferson/Crook county libraries' reading contest, Crook County is stomping Jefferson County with a far-greater amount of pages read.
   The contest, which runs from June to Aug. 20, is to see which library's readers can log one million pages first. The current tally is: Crook County 226,000 pages, and Jefferson County 40,000 pages.
   Local library director Sally Beesley is rallying Jefferson County readers to crawl out from under the heap of opponents' pages to read their way to the top.
   "People can turn in their amount of pages weekly, or wait until they finish the book. Whoever reads one million pages first wins, so we don't want people hoarding lists," Beesley pointed out.
   To enter the contest, just pick up a bookmark-sized tally sheet at the library and record the pages you read. The reading material must be from the library and can include books, magazines, newspapers, even children's books an adult is reading to kids.
   Contestants must be age 16 or older. "Both counties decided not to include children, because we're already doing summer reading programs for them," Beesley explained.
   Targeted toward adults, she said this contest, "Helps people become more aware of the library and what we have to offer, and it's a fun thing to do."
   The library staff said they have a core group of avid readers who have been bringing their reading slips in each week, and others who just got started.
   "One gentleman came in and said he hadn't been into the library for a long time because he has his own books at home. But he started coming in because of the contest and saw the discrepancy (with Crook County) and said `We'll boost this thing,'" reported staff person Jackie May.
   So if you like to read, or just like the thrill of competition, stop by the Jefferson County Library and sign up for the One Million Page Read-Off -- it could turn out to be a real page turner.