Former resident missing


by: Submitted Photo - Dennis Carter

   A former Madras resident has disappeared in the Portland area.
   Dennis Carter, 52, has been missing since Sunday, July 9, after going to work at a home he and his girlfriend were fixing to sell.
   Dennis Carter lives in Vancouver, Wash. He has been a registered nurse for many years. He and his girlfriend of eight years, Mariann Forkgen, own and operate two adult care facilities. They also own other properties, one of which they are upgrading and attempting to sell.
   In the early morning hours of Sunday, July 9, Carter decided to go to "for sale" house to work on the landscaping. He left a note stating what he was going to do, would be back shortly, and would pick up coffee on the way back.
   When Carter didn't return, his cell phone was called. When he didn't respond to the phone calls, Forkgen went to the house. She found Carter's vehicle there, unlocked, with business checks in the back. The house was locked. Carter was nowhere to be found.
   The Clark County Sheriff's Office responded, and are continuing to investigate There were scratches on both sides of the vehicle that were not present one day earlier.
   "There is a chance that his disappearance is voluntary. I hope that is the case rather than thinking of the alternative," said his brother, Tom, who provided the information for this story.
   Carter moved to Madras from Nebraska with his family in 1956. He graduated from Madras High School in 1972. He was very active in the music program and also sports.
   Carter has four grown children and grandchildren.
   Dennis's niece, Kimberly Carter, has created a Web site regarding her uncle's disappearance: She has received multiple responses from people in the HealthCare profession, family members of individuals Dennis has cared for, and also from former Madras schoolmates.
   Tom Carter said the family plans to establish a reward fund. Anyone with information which could be useful can email Tom Carter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..