by: Submitted Photo - Joshua Brunoe pushes during the cross country event at the Indigeneous Games, held in Colorado in early July.

   A contingent of 29 Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs members traveled to Colorado to take part in the 2006 North American Indigenous Games in July.
   The Warm Springs group made up over a quarter of the Oregon team, which consisted of 81 athletes.
   The team won 14 gold, three silver and 14 bonze medals at the Denver games.
   Jasper Smith was the lone Warm Springs gold medal winner, taking a boxing championship in the 17-19 age group. Tanner Yallup and Craig Smith Jr. played on a silver medal-winning boys 15-16 year-old basketball team. Josia Miller took a silver in golf in the boys' 15-16 division. Josh Moody finished with two silver medals in rifle shooting in the boys' 16-17 division.
   The tribal members who competed in the Indigenous Games included:
   Athletics -- Devin Brunoe, Thomas Brunoe Alexis Anguiano, David Fuentes, Joshua Brunoe.
   Girls Basketball (13-14) -- Norene Sampson, Jillisa Suppah, Amanda Squiemphen-Yazzie, Karlen Yallup, Lianna Jim, Merima Madre, Lola Dick.
   Boys Basketball (13-14) -- Craig Smith Jr., Tanner Yallup.
   Girls Basketball (15-16) -- Kelli Moody, Alee Tewee, Bronte Caldera.
   Girls Basketball (17-19) -- Yolanda Yallup, Alexandria Anguiano.
   Boxing -- Jasper Smith, Wesley Graybael (both 17-19).
   Golf -- Josiah Thompson (15-16 boys).
   Rifle Shooting 16-17) -- Josh Moody.
   Among the tribal members who traveled to Colorado as team chaperons were: Clinton Brunoe, Rosetta Fuentes, Jacquelyn Moody (athletics), Jaylyn Suppah, Joyce Suppah (girls 13-14 basketball), Austin Smith (boxing), Fay Hurtado and Dana Hurtado (wrestling).
   According to Sue Guerin, an organizer of Team Oregon, the experience was fantastic. Many of the athletes reached pinnacles they didn't expect.
   For instance, after he ran the cross country race, Joshua Brunoe said, "My limits, I left them somewhere out on that course. I'm going to have to find some new ones."
   Josh Moody, after winning a silver medal in the prone position rifle competition, decided he'd also compete in the three-position competition. Good thing, as he earned another silver medal.
   The next Indigenous Games -- which draws Native North Americans to an Olympic-like athletic extravaganza -- will be held in British Columbia.
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