>   The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted a smoke-free doorway policy on July 12. The policy prohibits smoking within 25 feet of county building entrances. The policy applies to county employees and visitors and is effective Aug. 14.
   There is no known safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke which kills 800 nonsmoking Oregonians every year, according to Danna Hastings, tobacco prevention coordinator for the county.
    The policy protects county employees and the public from secondhand smoke exposure when entering county buildings. The doorway policy also prevents secondhand smoke from entering building ventilation systems through opening doors.
   "Tobacco has been proven to be a major cause of many types of cancers. This policy is part of the county's ongoing efforts to protect the public from the dangers of secondhand smoke," said Public Health Director Diane Seyl who presented the policy to the commissioners.
   "As a county commissioner concerned about the people who conduct business in county buildings and as a mother, I am pleased to support this policy to protect the health of our citizens," commented Commissioner Mary Zemke. "It has been proven beyond doubt that secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard. I appreciate county staff for complying with this policy."
   The Jefferson County Tobacco Prevention Program will be supplying signage for all county buildings and designated smoking areas will be determined for each facility.
   The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line can be reached at 1-877-270-STOP.
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