>   By Linda Florence
   Culver School Superintendent
   The beginning of the school year brings the teachers and staff back to school with great anticipation for a successful school year. The children at all grade levels greet their friends, many of whom they haven't seen all summer.
   But this year many of those children are new to Culver School District and will be making new friends.
   Culver School District has already grown by 12% this year. That is 6% more than projected. Last year our district enrolled 605 students as the official October 1 count. Currently, our enrollment stands at 675 students and more students are expected to enroll before the October 1 count.
   Classes at the elementary school are at or near 30 students. There are 310 students enrolled.
   The middle school has also seen an increase. Enrollment now stands at 142 students.
   The high school now has 223 students. Last year we enrolled 195.
   What does this mean to Culver School District? We are growing and growing more rapidly than any projections have indicated. Our schools are filled to capacity and beyond. Special education classes are held in the district office.
   That is the reason that the Culver School Board is asking voters to approve a bond to build a new elementary school, make additions and upgrades to the middle school and add a classroom wing to the high school along with other upgrades and remodeling.
   This is not a one-year growth pattern. This is an indication of the growth that we will experience during the next 10 years.
   "Kids Are Our Future" citizens committee has sent out literature about the bond. Read this carefully.
   Attend the Chili Feed Bond Information night on September 29 from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Culver Christian Church. Become informed.
   Or attend a Community Information Night at the Culver City Council chambers, October 18, at 7:00 p.m.
   Strong schools are a reflection of the community. As the community continues to grow, perspective businesses and residents are drawn to communities that have well maintained and academically sound schools in place.
   Schools are an investment in the future. The Culver community has had generations of pride in the schools. Grandparents have graduated from Culver, their children have graduated from Culver, and now their grandchildren are in Culver schools. This pride of ownership in the schools is demonstrated by the support the schools receive every day. The football field, the football lights, the track, the new elementary and middle schools exemplify that community backing.
   It is good to know that future leaders, future professionals, future workers, and future citizens have come from a strong tradition of Culver education." Kids Are Our Future."
   Proposed school bond projects
   If approved, this measure provides funds to finance capital construction and improvements, and pay bond costs. Specifically, this measure would:
   construct, equip and furnish a new Elementary School and related site improvements for approximately 350 students, purchase of land in Culver School District;
   construct, equip and furnish up to 8 new classrooms at the High School, upgrade facilities including heating, ventilation, electrical systems, and requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), make site improvements, construct team room and restrooms at athletic complex;
   construct, equip and furnish up to 4 new classrooms at the Middle School and make site improvements;
   renovate and upgrade old classroom wings at existing Elementary School, support services including ADA improvements;
   and pay bond issuance costs.
   TOTAL: $20,000,000
   The Bonds would fund projects to address classroom capacity and prepare the district for projected student growth.
   The Bonds would mature in 21 years or less from issuance date and may be issued in one or more series.
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