>   Almost as quickly as it started, the recall effort against Jefferson County Clerk Kathy Marston has been dropped.
   Bob Harris, of Madras, who was organizing the effort along with Bill Towery and Bill Hoffman, also of Madras, on Monday, withdrew the petition for recall he had filed on Sept. 13.
   "I'm relieved," said Marston on Tuesday. "I really appreciate the support of the community. It meant a lot to me."
   The group of Measure 37 claimants filed the recall petition after Judge Gary Thompson ruled on Monday that Marston was following the law when she threw out over 1,300 signatures filed in an effort to recall County Commissioner Bill Bellamy. The signatures were filed on an unapproved form.
   Two days after the ruling, Harris confronted Marston in the clerk's office. "He was trying to accuse me of lying on the witness stand," she said. "I told Mr. Harris that the judge made a decision on Monday in court, I told the truth on the witness stand, and I did not wish to discuss it any further."
   When Harris continued to discuss the matter, Marston called an officer to ask him to leave.
   "The reason for this withdrawal is your actions in your office that day," Harris wrote in the letter, referring to the confrontation.
   The effort to gather signatures to have a recall election for Commissioner Bill Bellamy, also filed on Sept. 13, is continuing. The recall election for Commissioner Walt Ponsford has been set for Oct. 10.
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