Culver bond

To the Editor,
   Culver voters will be asked to consider a $20 million school bond this fall to cover the raise from 3 percent to 12 percent growth in students enrolled at this time in Culver. Enrollment for elementary is 311, for middle school 142, and 222 students in the high school.
   The Facilities Planning Committee was charged with the duties last fall, by the school board, to tour school grounds and buildings, deliberate on past engineering, and study population growth and expected growth. The committee determined the growth percentage would definitely be over the 3 percent it had been for the last 10 years, more like 7 percent or even 8 percent, but never had they figured on 12 percent that it is now.
   At first look it looked like the best decision would be to build a new high school with a new gym, shift some middle school classes into the high school and then some upper elementary classes would move to some middle school rooms ... until the subject of price came up: $37 million.
   As you can see by the above figures the elementary has and always has had more children. An elementary plus all the other improvements to the other departments, though a whole lot of money, would cost a lot less.
   Yes, by restructuring our campus we could get another elementary on, but it would not have enough playground for recesses, practice field areas on the old football field, or parking space upon the campus.
   If a school should catch on fire, for example, in the old wing of the elementary it could easily spread to the district office and gyms and to the other old elementary and to the new elementary school. Being close, yes we are saving money but we are not being safe.
   Children are dropped off and picked up in the elementary and middle school areas by parents with nowhere to park except to stop in the middle of the street. The speed limit is 20 miles an hour but even five miles an hour would be too fast to keep from hitting a child darting between cars. Parking must be addressed and there is no open space for parking adjacent to the school.
   *Land purchase, construct, equip, furnish new Elementary, for approximately 350 students; *Construct, equip, furnish up to eight new classrooms at High School, upgrade facilities including heating, ventilation, electrical systems,and requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), make site improvements, construct team room and restrooms at athletic complex;
   *Construct, equip , furnish up to four new classrooms at Middle School and make site improvements;
   *Renovate and upgrade old classroom wings at existing elementary school, support services including ADA improvements: and
   *Pay bond issuance costs. And Interest will be deferred for three years.
   Please look for information in the mail to all registered voters and questions answered at the Free Chili Feed at the Christian Church, 5-6:30 p.m. Sept 29, before the Culver vs. Glide football game.
   Barb Frazier
"Kids Are Our Future" Vote "Yes" Committee