To the Editor,

   I was shocked and disappointed reading the Oct. 11 copy of the Pioneer this week when I learned that there is a write-in effort to elect Mary Zemke to the position of Jefferson County clerk.
   Mary Zemke has publicly said that she believes the county clerk has the perogative to commit election fraud, when she was quoted as saying, "She (Kathy Marston) threw out the Bellamy petitions when she had the option to use them. I don't think she should have thrown them out on such a minor technicality." (Holly Gill, "Group Submits Bellamy Petitions", Madras Pioneer).
   If this is the position that Mary Zemke holds, then how can anyone who cares about our electoral system and legal system give their vote to her when she lacks the necessary ethical integrity and desire to follow the rules we have established? My fear is that if she holds such a brazen view of the county clerk's position and possess such a lack of regard for the law now, as the county clerk she will not fulfill the oath she would take for that office.
   I do not know what election laws she will intentionally choose to violate because they are a "minor technicality," but I do know that with her in this office, she will be willing to violate our laws. For these reasons, because of my love and respect for our electoral system and legal system, and because of Mary's stated position on the county clerk's obligation to follow electoral law, I cannot write in Mary Zemke's name this November.
   Jason Potampa
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