A memorial to Pfc. Thomas Tucker

by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Carl Robinson of Arizona, at left, presented a Ridgeway grandfather clock to Wes and Meg Tucker last week in honor of their son Pfc. Tom Tucker.

World War II Navy veteran Carl Robinson of Sun City, Ariz., traveled to Madras Oct. 19, to personally present a Ridgeway grandfather clock to Wes and Meg Tucker, the parents of Pfc. Thomas Tucker, who was killed in Iraq last June.
   Robinson, who owns a clock shop in his hometown, has presented over $250,000 worth of clocks to some 20 families of military personnel in Arizona who died in unusually grim circumstances.
   Presentations to the Tuckers and, soon, to the Menchaca family in Houston, Texas, are the first Robinson has made out of Arizona.
   Robinson, a quiet man, who usually just drives the clock up to the family's house, said the Oct. 19, presentation at an assembly at Madras High School was the first time he had spoken before a crowd.
   He noted the 8-foot-tall clock had the words "God Bless America ... Let Freedom Ring" engraved on the face, and a plaque at the back saying "In loving memory of Thomas Lowell Tucker, killed in action, June 19, 2006." The clock can play "God Bless America," "America the Beautiful," and Westminster chimes, and the case contains a scroll on which a history of Tom Tucker has been written. The scroll is made of special paper which can last 500 years.
   Robinson gave the clock on behalf of all Americans and hopes the memorial gift will be passed down to future generations of the family in honor of Tom.
   At the brief assembly, Sid Carter of the American Legion presented a $200 contribution from the Crook County American Legion Post to the Tuckers for the drive to build a public memorial to their son, and a Gold Star Banner, which Carter said, "Shows your family made the ultimate sacrifice."
   The LaPine Post 45 Honor Guard presented the Tuckers with an honor coin and three polished gun shells, representing the guns used in a 21-gun salute.
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