Paving begins on road to Deer Ridge prison


by: Photo By Department of Corrections - Crews work on curbing along B Street/Ashwood Road out to the prison. Paving is set to begin this week.

   Paving work on Ashwood Road to Deer Ridge Correctional Insitution is scheduled to commence this week and should be finished by mid-November.
   Crews have put curbing in place along the roadway project, which has included widening and straightening the road from near Jefferson County Middle School to the state prison.
   The minimum security facility is expected to be finished in February, and open to inmates in September, pending operation funding approval by the Legislature.
   The Department of Corrections indicated that there were 240 people working on the minimum and medium security facilities at Deer Ridge, most of those on the medium facility, where concrete exterior and roofing work is the focus in order to "button up for winter." Only about 40 to 50 people were working on what is now finishing touches on the minimum security plant.
   The recently appointed supervisor of Deer Ridge, Sharon Blacketter, was expected to be introduced to the local prison advisory committee at its October meeting. However, she was called back to Pendleton due to an employee emergency.
   The new assistant superintendent of transitional services, Kevin Hormann, was introduced at the meeting. Hormann most recently had been the intake administrator for the Department of Corrections, and spent 12 years managing the DOC's substance abuse programs.