To the Editor,

   It really is about experience. I have been on patrol with Jack Jones and John Barrett and was happy to have both of them on my side. One night, over a long memorial weekend, Jack Jones, John Russo, two OSP officers and I were called to a "shots fired" call at Haystack Reservoir. My guess is that there were two to three hundred "young adults" gathered there and they had been doing a lot of drinking. We stayed at the campground all night to prevent anyone who had been drinking from leaving and driving impaired. We did not find the firearms, but all during the night, there were laser dots on us and our vehicle. We hoped that they were the pointer lasers, and not gun site lasers. In the morning all the campers were awakened and evicted from the camp site. Jack was there, protecting the citizens, the campers and his deputies. His wisdom kept a lid on an explosive situation. He was not sitting behind a desk giving orders, he was there. And, he is there whenever needed. Even in the middle of the night, correction, even in the middle of several successive nights.
   Jack Jones will face the bad guys if he needs to, but that is not really the job we need our sheriff to do. He is responsible for a budget of over six million dollars. The largest budget in the county. He raises revenue by leasing jail beds, going after bonds, making sure the state and other agencies pay their share of the costs to protect us as citizens and those who visit our recreation areas. It is not an easy job and I don't know why he would want all those headaches, but as long as he is willing, let's keep Jack Jones in there working for us. No one could do a better job than he has done.
   Mike Goss Sr.
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