To the Editor,

   If you take the time to read the articles from the Bend Bulletin on Feb. 17 and March 2, as well as the Madras Pioneer articles Feb. 22 and Oct. 25 you will find major discrepencies in Mr. Barrett's statements.
   The January incident that is numerously mentioned in his campaign for sheriff shows a high discrepency between his accounts of that evening and the true events.
   If you as voters of this county want a sheriff that is trustworthy and honest you have the wrong candidate and I know this firsthand. He contradicts himself multiple times, and the Pioneer never showed the actual truth of that evening. He made an error of "gross misconduct" (Madras Pioneer Oct. 24). Without the complete details of that evening, you can make judgments, gossip, and assumptions about domestic violence without any knowledge about the evening's events.
   Instead of assumptions and gossip, I encourage you to read these previously stated articles and look at the statistics of domestic violence in our community.
   There is a multiple of reasons that women don't call for assistance in domestic violence incidents, and he is one reason.
   I encourage you as a person and a community member to educate yourself on the "real" statistics of domestic violence and understand that it occurs in every neighborhood and every group of humans and that many women are afraid to call for help for these reasons that occurred on Jan. 13, as well as multiple other factors.
   I encourage you to educate yourself and look at the reality of domestic violence instead of the "stereotypes" we have developed. Educate yourself about domestic violence using COBRA, DA's office, and the National Domestic Violence Web site. It is an epidemic in many communities including ours that must be stopped for our children and community. Our community deserves better, our children deserve better, and our families deserve better.
   The article in the Madras Pioneer (Oct. 25) is very clear about his license being revoked and his inadequacy as an officer, without including the truth of that evening in January.
   I felt firsthand the "stereotypes and judgments" as well as my family and know that I did the right thing for myself and my children. I have lived in this small community with the hurtful gossip and judgments and to those who have done this I encourage you to educate yourselves because knowledge is power.
   Thank you to those who have stood behind me and have been supportive. Thank you to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Madras Police Department who took the time to review, listen and speak with me. Thank you to Dan Farrester, Jim Adkins, Jack Jones, Brian Skidgel and Deputy DA Attorney Annette Hillman for doing your job and being kind and caring through a very difficult and emotional situation for me. Thanks to the Victim's Assistance for your suppport.
   Thank you to my friends amd family who have been supportive, nonjudgmental and loving. We are moving on in a positive way where domestic violence is not part of my life or my home, and I appreciate your support and couldn't have made it all these months without you.
   It is my hope that this letter, as difficult as it is to write, helps someone out there who is being abused. You have the right to a better life and I hope you seek the help you need to free yourself from the abuse you suffer and do the right thing for your children who deserve a better life.
   Tami Rask
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