by: Illustration by Chris Folsom - Bend artist Chris Fulsom will create a larger-than-life grizzly bear and cubs to adorn Madras' first roundabout on Grizzly Road and J Street.

   The Madras Public Arts Commission has announced its selection of the sculptures that will be placed in the first two roundabouts in the city of Madras.
   Yarrow, a new community being developed on the east side of Madras, provided the funding for the projects with a donation totaling $150,000. The city of Madras has also been a key partner in the project's process.
   "This project is important to Madras because, as a community, we have been working on beautification for the past few years," said Melanie Widmer, chairperson of the Madras Public Arts Commission and Madras City Council member. "These pieces will make wonderful additions to our `makeover' and we hope to be able to continue promoting public art in Madras in the future as well," she added.
   A larger-than-life grizzly bear with her cubs, created out of strips of scrap steel by artist Chris Folsom of Bend, will be placed at the intersection of J Street, City View and Grizzly. It is expected to be installed in the next few months, although no formal timelines have been set.
   The second piece, entitled "Redtail" by Miles Pepper from Pullman, will be a hawk sculpture with a 15-foot wingspan that will function as a weathervane, with the ability to fold its wings back in higher winds.
   The hawk will be perched atop a 25-foot tall steel structure with a concrete base at the intersection of City View and Yarrow streets.
   "We know that public art is an important civic need that is often overlooked," said Cameron Craig, project manager for Yarrow. "Helping to build daily culture in Madras and allowing the creation of art for everyone is part of our company mission."
   The new community of Yarrow, situated on 900 acres on the east side of Madras, is described as a vibrant collection of neighborhoods incorporating neotraditional design principles.
   Madras Land Development Company, a joint venture of Brooks Resources Corporation, Eagle Crest and Taylor Northwest, is developing the property.
   Plans for the community include a variety of housing sizes and types, mixed-use area with retail amenities, pedestrian friendly streets and walkways, and a public golf course.
   At completion, the project will have approximately 1,700 single-family homes, and 200 multifamily units.
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