by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Dr. James Row shows how new digital X-rays can be enhanced on a computer screen for better diagnosis.

Dr. James Row has acquired the dental practice of Dr. Robert Pressprich, who relocated to Eugene.
   "I'm a second-career dentist, having graduated from dental school at age 40," Dr. Row said.
   Prior to that, he worked nine years for a financial securities firm, then attended seminary for three years to satisfy a personal interest.
   Wanting to be in business for himself, Row decided to pursue dentistry. "Dentistry was a good pick for me because, it's personal, you get to work with your hands as well as your head, there's an artistic element to it, and I could warranty my own work," he said.
   Row attended the Oregon Health Science University Dental School in Portland and graduated in 1996. Following graduation, he worked for other practices until opening a practice of his own in Hillsboro in 1999.
   Having always enjoyed Central Oregon, Row, his wife Debra, and their children Austin, now 10, Lauren, 8, and Katie, 4, moved to Powell Butte three-and-a-half years ago. Debra's hobby is raising miniature horses, while Row's leisure time is centered around enjoying outdoor activities with the kids, including fishing, hiking, hunting and skiing.
   Since moving here, Row has divided his time between working in Central Oregon and Hillsboro, but plans on transitioning to just operating out of his Madras office.
   Row has kept the same office staff as Pressprich, which includes Kathy Hunt, office manager, and Theresa Bex, a dental hygienist.
   After purchasing the practice in July, Row converted to a computerized office system for better management of patient treatment plans and more efficient processing of insurance matters.
   New treatments being offered at the office include digital X-rays, which can be enhanced on a computer screen to allow for better diagnosis.
   "One of the things I'm most proud of is our oral sedation dentistry, which can help those patients who may not have been to a dentist in years, due to extreme anxiety," Row said.
   With oral sedation, a patient can reach higher levels of sedation without being put completely under, as commonly occurs with general anesthesia.
   Patients have no sense of time passing, so they can get more work done at once instead of having to face several appointments, and they have no memory of the procedures that were performed.
   "It's done through sophisticated oral sedative protocols, and without an I.V. needle," Row explained.
   He noted only 5 percent of general practice dentists in Oregon are licensed to do this type of sedation.
   "It's not a service that is widely available, and we are excited to bring this service to Madras," he said.
   Other services include dental implant restorations, ranging from single crowns to full-mouth reconstructions, and in-office, one-appointment bleaching to whiten teeth.
   Of his Madras practice, Row said he wanted to maintain the historically excellent reputation of the office while updating its methods and techniques.
   "State of the art dental care, that's cost effective and gentle; that's my motto," he said.
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