by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Madras City Administrator Mike Morgan, left, swears in new police officers Nathan Rico, center, and Mike Rochelle.

Madras will have two new police officers patrolling the streets, following approval of the new hires last Tuesday.
   Madras Mayor Frank Morton explained how the positions were funded.
   "We received the results of the audit, which showed our funding was ahead of the plan, and there has been an increase in property taxes coming in," Morton said.
   Officer Mike Rochelle will report to work Nov. 9, at the Madras Police Department.
   "We finally have a sustained income so we can continue paying the officers," Morton said. "Before it was suggested we use money from the sale of property to hire officers, but that's a one-time income and when it runs out, we would have to lay off the officers," he added.
   Rochelle previously worked as a Madras Police reserve from 2002 to March 2006, when he resigned to take a job with Warm Springs Police. While in Warm Springs, he was trained at the police academy in Monmouth.
   He left that position to accept a job as a county deputy, but then was hired away by the city for the newly-created patrol officer position.
   The second officer is Nathan Rico, who grew up in Madras, graduated from Madras High School in 2000, and has been working as a leadperson for Bright Wood Corporation. He is the son of Judy and Mike Throop, and Ernie Rico, all of Madras.
   Before starting his Madras patrol, Rico will attend the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training police academy at its brand new facility in Salem. The training has been increased from nine weeks to a 16-week program.
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