by: Submitted Photo - Dr. Gary Plant

   Madras Medical Group is pleased to announce the acceptance into full partnership of Dr. Gary Plant. Dr. Plant has been in practice as an associate of MMG since August 2004.
   "It's the natural next step for my family and me. Madras is a good fit for our family, and the opportunities for family medicine I have here at Mountain View Hospital and with Madras Medical Group are hard to find elsewhere in Oregon," noted Plant.
   Madras Medical Group is a group of family physicians, which maintains a broad scope of practice in traditional family medicine.
   "This is a place that makes full use of the training I received in residency," said Plant. "From management of complicated patients with chronic disease, to surgical procedures such as C-sections and skin surgery, to preventive care and health maintenance for infants, children, and adults, my practice is consistently interesting and intellectually challenging."
   Since joining MMG, Plant has added exercise treadmill testing and bone mineral density testing to his areas of expertise.
   "My practice is about relationships with my patients, their families, and the community. I deliver a baby or do a C-section, then care for both mom and baby in the hospital and afterward. Next, I may see the older siblings for well child checks, or see dad for a cold or high blood pressure. When I get to provide a sister's prenatal care, read grandma's bone mineral density test, and care for grandpa in the hospital or nursing home, that's when the relationship becomes really special," said Plant.
   Small-town practice and small-town life present unique challenges to a community physician as well.
   "It's an intimate place to practice. I see my patients at the grocery store, the football games, and at church," laughed Plant. "I think they're learning, though, that turn-about is fair play. If you ask me for medical advice, I may ask if you're still smoking or how the exercise is going!"
   Plant is happy to be a part of Madras and Jefferson County. "This is a good place to raise a family, and a great part of the state to live in. I think it says a lot about this medical group and community that the only two physicians to leave the group left for their retirement. That's almost unheard of in this day and age. I like the idea of spending my whole career in Madras," he said.
   For appointments with Dr. Plant contact Madras Medical Group at 475-3874.
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