search help is available for employees affected by the recent lay off at Bright Wood Corporation in Madras through Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council.
   COIC can help people prepare a resum‚, do Internet job searches, offers classes on how to get the job you want, and much more.
   The COIC WorkSource center at 243 S.W. Third St., Madras, has a resource area where unemployed workers can use computers, phones and a fax machine to send out resum‚s.
   The center also offers retraining classes for people interested in exploring another line of work.
   If enough people are interested in these services, COIC may be able to apply for a special grant to help local workers.
   A COIC representative will be available to talk with people from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 1 and 2, or you can call 475-7118, Ext. 240 for an appointment.
   COIC works in partnership with the Employment Division, the Department of Human Services, and State Vocational Rehabilitation.
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