At Art Adventure Gallery

by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Painting by Janice Druian.

   Janice Druian, who is the featured artist for March at Art Adventure Gallery in Madras, enjoys the privilege of living in the high desert of Central Oregon, in an area of vast horizons, beautiful mountains, and centuries old junipers.
   Inspired by the world she sees from her home on a cliff above the Deschutes River, her goal is to create paintings that depict the sense of place that is more than just an accurate rendering.
   She tries to capture and portray the drama of clouds, the backlit sky of dawn or dusk and the feelings that this dramatic area can evoke.
   As a plein-air painter (one who paints directly from nature in an outdoor setting) Druian admires the artists of the early part of the last century who captured a time and place and a tranquility that may be missing from this century.
   When she is in the high desert she sees the land as it has been for centuries -- vast, quiet, beyond the noise and congestion of the hurried world. It is this feeling that she wants people to experience when viewing her work.
   An opening reception for Druian will be held at Art Adventure Gallery Saturday, March 10, from 3 to 5 p.m.

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