Senior Focus: Carol Wallan


by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Carol Wallan

   How long have you lived in Jefferson County, and what brought you here?
   We moved here in 1970 from Redmond. My first husband Pershing Andrews managed and co-owned Jefferson Plywood in Madras, and later was general manager for the tribal mill.
   What is the best aspect of living here?
   I love it; I always have. My family moved from the Valley to Bend in 1927. It's big, open, beautiful and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
   What's your favorite way to spend a day?
   I like spending the day with (husband) Helmer. Life is easy, now we're in our 80s. We were married six years ago in The Dalles by Father Todd Unger. For a long time I did music at the Catholic church, but quit in 2000. Alma Binder and I played music for sing-a-longs at the Mountain View nursing home since 1980, but I retired from that in 2006. I still play the piano; it's been a great source of comfort to me over the years. I especially like jazz and classical music.
   What are your hobbies?
   Helmer and I play bridge two times a week at the senior center. I do a lot of needlepoint, and a lot of reading. I like political histories.
   How many kids and grandkids?
   I have five children, "little" Carol Rendall in Sacramento, John Andrews in Cottage Grove, Pat Fisher in West Linn, Leslie Weigand in Madras, and Joe Andrews in Eugene; 16 grandchildren; and three great-grandsons.