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   Art Adventure Gallery will feature artist Lynn Miller during April. An opening reception for Miller will be held during the Madras Art Walk April 4, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., at the gallery.
   Miller holds bachelor and master of fine arts degrees from the San Francisco Art Institute and University of Oregon. He has been working in traditional media, including: oils, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, inks, oil pastels, and charcoal, for 47 years.
   Miller has exhibited in San Francisco, Eugene, Bend, Sisters, Madras and elsewhere. His artwork is in private collections across the United States and Europe.
   He and his family own and operate a remote Central Oregon cattle and horse ranch, and he is the award-winning publishing editor of an international agrarian quarterly he founded. He is also author of 11 technical books, two volumes of essays, two novels, and one book of poetry.
   Seattle poet Paul Hunter said of Millers paintings, "The range of subjects of Lynn Miller's paintings hint at a restless spirit. Here we find no monuments to culture or ego. Whether his focus is wide or narrow, sweeping the high valleys of Central Oregon or the cobbled streets of Paris, a ghost town in the Midwest or the iron balconies of New Orleans, Lynn Miller's eye is drawn to gatherings and renderings of light, where it happens to rest, and what it says of the life there."
   "His viewpoints are elusive instants that dare us to pause and linger. There is the hand of light on the shoulders of his workhorse Abraham, a still mountain wondrously alive.
   There are Native American dancers lacy in motion in sunlight, hovering brilliant as dragonflies. And a favorite, a cyclist in Paris taking a rest, whose repose is somehow absolute against all that day's brightness, man and machine merged as one with the railing, fused in the moment's substance and regard."
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