To the Editor,

   As a parent of three children who have been involved in athletics at Madras High School, I am suprised and upset to hear that Evan Brown was given no chance for the athletic director position for the Jefferson County School District. My family and I have lived in Madras for the past 13 years. My wife and I raised our kids from the Little Red Preschool to Madras High. During that time I have grown to respect the athletic program at Madras High School. More than that, I have come to respect the person who is largely responsible for the high standards set for Madras High athletics. Margaret Sturza will be a hard act to follow. She has come to exemplify the standards of fair play and sportsmanship.
   I have known Evan Brown during all the time I have lived in Madras. I have watched him coach and win. I have also worked closely with him as a fellow teacher. Evan has always impressed me with his integrity and his great people skills. He is respected by many people in Madras and Warm Springs and throughout the state. Evan Brown has chosen this community to raise his family in. When I heard that Margaret Sturza was retiring I thought like many others that Evan Brown would continue in Margaret's footsteps as our athletic director. I have been informed that his application never even made it to the screening process. I have been told that this is because he does not have an administrative credential even though he is in the process of obtaining that credential. In recent years our school district has hired some of our current administrators before they had finished their degrees. Exceptions have always been made.
   The school district is currently interviewing several finalists from outside the community. Perhaps by the time this letter is printed a decision will have been made. The fact that Evan Brown was not even given an interview, after all the commitment he has shown for Madras High students and athletics, saddens me. I am one of many in our community who feel Evan Brown would make a fantastic athletic director. I can not think of a single valid reason as to why he was not given a chance. Wouldn't it make sense to hire someone who understands the athletic program and the community? I am not the only one perplexed by this decision.
   Chris Scranton
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