by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Harold Moore

   How long have you lived in Jefferson County?
   I've been here 70 years; I was born here. I was born in a house that used to be next to where the New York Sub Shop is now. My parents were Homer and Eldamarie Moore. I'm in the third generation of pioneers in this area. On my dad's side were the Newbills and Moores from the Grizzly area, and on my mom's side the Thorntons and Musgraves from Ashwood.

What's the best aspect of living here?
   The freedom of the climate and the environment. Within 10 minutes, you can be out in the hills walking by yourself.
   What's your favorite way to spend a day?
   It used to be teaching (he spent his career teaching for 509-J). Now, I like to take the four-wheeler out into the hills to enjoy the solitude and nature.
   What are your hobbies, interests?
   I love to listen to music, read, be out in nature, and work on things that have a purpose. I'm on the board of directors for Deschutes Valley Water District, Central Oregon Youth For Christ, and Jefferson County Historical Society.
   How many kids and grandkids?
   My wife Phyllis and I have two children, Tanya Moore of Madras, and Donald Moore of Birmingham, Ala.; and one grandson, Calvin, 1 1/2.
   Did you help make the Madras M?
   Yes. In 1955, Jerry Ramsey and I, who were the MUHS president and vice president, decided we needed something to build school spirit. We staked the M out, then the freshmen had to pile up all the rocks and whitewash them.
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