>   Spring has sprung in east Madras.
   We have giant bears in the Grizzly Road roundabout, actual home construction joining the road and infrastructure work at Yarrow, and great progress on the Madras Aquatic Center.
   As for the pool, the first director didn't stick around long enough to dip his toe in the water. At least he got a free trip to Italy last year -- thankfully paid for by the pool manufacturing company there, not us local taxpayers. The pool board doesn't appear overly worried about the departure and are confident they can grab a strong replacement.
   Good to see Rep. John Dallum remove his support of Senate Bill 30, which would ban resorts in the Metolius drainage, which basically covers the southwest quarter of Jefferson County.
   The bill is a blatant example of a legislator's personal desire being molded into potential law. Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, whose family owns land in the Camp Sherman area, wants to keep the area free of development, and her friends (namely Sen. Ben Westlund) presented a bill that would do so.
   An army of individuals representing Madras, Jefferson County, the chamber, the Culver school district and potential resort developers flocked to Salem this week to testify against the bill.
   Along with being a personal gift to a legislator, SB 30 is also a slap in the face to Jefferson County government, which painstakingly produced a resort zone, the state planning process, and the economic potential of Jefferson County. It's a ludicrous bill. Our state senator, Ted Ferrioli, is scheduled to be in Madras on Saturday, April 14, at the Elks. Hopefully he'll fight for us and fight this bill.
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