Culver police chief resigns


by: Submitted photo - Pete Fisher rides a 1959 BSA, C15T motorcycle.

   Culver police chief Randy Moore has resigned after nine months on the job.
   "We didn't ask him to leave, he left of his own accord," said Culver Mayor Dan Harnden.
   Following an executive session on March 30, the Culver City Council accepted Moore's resignation with a settlement agreement.
   "We gave him a settlement offer of $6,000 cash and $1,200 to pay his insurance through the end of April," Harnden said.
   When asked why Moore was leaving, Harnden responded, "He didn't give us any reasons, but his wife has had health problems and he more than likely wanted to be closer to her." Moore and his wife live in Bend.
   The mayor said the city has a couple of certified police officers who may be able to work as temporary employees while the position is advertised. "Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is covering us for now," he said.
   Harnden noted they will be looking for a police officer this time, not a police chief. "The last time, it took us three months to go through the process," he said.
   Moore could not be reached for comment.