>   To the Editor,
   I would like to publicly thank the 509-J school board for their decision to deny the reconfiguration of the elementary schools. Their decision was a tough one and they approached it with much care, concern and thought.
   While not everyone is happy with the decision, it is time for our community to come together to best serve all students in our district.
   I would also like to respond to Mr. Earnest's comment about parents not volunteering to do something about the dilemma we were faced with. He may not have been aware that we were told at the community information meetings that we had no other options. We were led to believe if we did not support the reconfiguration, we would be forcing Westside Elementary students to attend school with WCCHS students. As parents who care about every student in our district, several of us tried to support the reconfiguration even though we didn't feel it addressed future growth. The proposal did raise some concerns regarding the quality of education available to our students, such as the large class sizes in the elementary level.
   I would like to suggest that a committee of teachers, concerned citizens and administrators be created to look at solutions to the problems brought to our attention. By forming a community action group, we can try to reunite a division that is growing in our district. Let me be the first to offer my participation should such a committee be created. Again, thank you for all you do to support our children.
   Please continue to support our children, by offering your support to our teachers who touch the lives of every student they meet.
   Teryl Hair
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