Don't do it


   To the Editor,
   My name is Seth Stites. I am a 14-year-old boy. I have spent part of my life in Ashwood. If the houses are all built in Ashwood it will not be the same place I love anymore.
   I come to Ashwood to get away from people and to fish and hunt and run through the hills. A good thing about Ashwood is that I can go outside and hear the birds chirping and see deer, lizards and snakes, and I don't have to hear cars and smell gasoline. I can see the beautiful scenery ... but I will not be able to see that beautiful scenery if there are 4,200 houses in the way!
   I hate that people think that they can build houses over other people's lifestyles. My whole family has grown up there. My grandpa was born in 1942 and has lived in Ashwood his whole life. Don't bury the true citizens of Ashwood with a housing development. No one loves Ashwood more than those that live here, and please, don't build over my childhood. Seth Stites