>   Ballots for the May 15 Special District Election will be mailed out to Jefferson County voters on Friday.
   The election features contested races on numerous boards around the county, including two positions on School District 509-J Board of Directors; one position on the Culver School Board; one position on the Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection District; two positions on the CRR Road District; and positions on the Deschutes Valley Water District.
   "If you don't get your ballot by Monday, May 7, or if you have moved," said County Clerk Kathy Marston, "give us a call."
   Although ballots are not forwardable, voters can get replacement ballots at the clerk's office at the Courthouse Annex, 66 S.E. D St., Suite C.
   Tuesday was the last day for new voters to register, Marston said, but, "If you're registered somewhere else in the state, you can update your registration through election day."
   Next week, The Pioneer will have a complete list of candidates and positions, including profiles of candidates for contested races.
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