by: Submitted Photo - Sansom's winning car design.

Marina Sansom picked the right coloring contest to win.
   The 9-year-old Madras resident designed the winning color scheme for David Reutimann's No. 99 car. Reutimann is a driver in the Busch Series.
   Sansom entered a nationwide "Color Your Way to Talladega" contest sponsored by Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership. Aaron's is a sponsor for Reutimann's car, called the No. 99 Aaron's Dream Machine.
   The No. 99 car is usually blue, white and gold. At Talladega for Saturday's Busch race, the Aaron's 312, will be numerous colors. Sansom's name is also on the hood.
   "It felt really good to win the contest," Sansom said. "I like all colors and I couldn't just pick one."
   The Sansom family will be at Talladega to meet Reutimann and watch the race.
   "I've never been to a race and I've never met a race car driver," Sansom said. "So this is really exciting to me."
   The driver is looking forward to meeting Sansom according to a press release.
   "She did a fantastic job of designing our Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota Camry," Reutimann said. "I think she did incorporate every color in the rainbow."
   The 9-year-old often enters coloring contests, said her mom Jill. After seeing an ad about the contests, they downloaded the entry form.
   "Marina is right-brained and very artsy," Jill said. "She said that she wanted to use every color in the rainbow for her design. That car is bright and something that will stand out on the track."
   The mom added that Marina "doesn't have a full appreciation of how big this event really is. When she arrives at Talladega and sees her design firsthand on the car for the Aaron's 312, she will be incredibly excited."
   The Aaron's 312 starts at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, televised on ABC. Qualifying for the race is Friday.
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