Portland Composts carts ready to roll


Portlanders need to change their trashy habits, starting Halloween.

The city of Portland will launch curbside pickup of kitchen food scraps on Oct. 31. Everything left at the kitchen table, including chicken bones and pizza boxes with greasy cheese stuck to the bottom, can be deposited in Portlanders' green Portland Composts rolling carts, which had been reserved for just yard debris.

The green carts will be picked up weekly instead of every other week, which should be a blessing as fall leaves or blown-down twigs pile up in many peoples' yards.

To help minimize a mess in the kitchen, the city is supplying residents with free kitchen pails to collect food scraps. Those should come in handy for hauling scraps out to the green carts.

At the same time, the city will cut garbage pickup at Portland homes to every two weeks, instead of weekly. That may require people to think twice before dumping recyclables or compostable items into the trash.

Many residents' trash pickup days also are being shifted as part of the changes.

A packet of information explaining the changes is being sent this week to Portland homeowners.

Though having trash pickup every other week will be a challenge for some people, the city is allowing people to leave out an extra bag or can of garbage for a $5 fee. Also, there's nothing stopping people from asking a neighbor to share unneeded space in their cans.

For more information, check portlandcomposts.com, call 503-823-7202 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..