Students set up cafeteria in 1921

by: Outlook archives This Outlook photo from 1991 shows Rick Buck and Multnomah Falls Lodge at the time of the Falls Fire in 1991. The lodge is covered with fire retardant.

1911 - The Orient football team was soundly whipped by a visiting team from Oregon City 100 years ago. The score was 73-0. However, 0rient Principal Quicksall, who introduced the game at Orient School, was pleased with the result considering that half his players had never even seen a football game.

Near Troutdale, the Multnomah County Farm buildings were nearing completion and rooms were being furnished. The Troutdale library, which hopped all over town, depending on where there was a free room to hold it, was moving to Herman Blaser's building. And the Troutdale council paid $650 for a lot to build a town hall at the east end of town, still the location of City Hall.

1921 - Gresham Union High School got a modern cafeteria 90 years ago, run by junior and senior girls. The students of the home economics department offered soup or cocoa, one or two hot main dishes, bread and butter and a light dessert. They were trying to keep the price of the servings at about 5 cents each.

1931 - Thomas Alva Edison died 80 years ago at the age of 84. He was described as a 'world benefactor' and the 'greatest inventor of all time' with the invention of the incandescent electric light, not to mention the phonograph.

1941 - Dee Westcott was elected president of the Gresham High freshman class 70 years ago. He would later be first mayor of Damascus. Dr. H.C. Tomlinson announced that he would open a medical practice in Troutdale in the former Lee Evans house, which is next door to the Harlow House museum.

1951 - Gresham youth Private John Zech, 17, died on the battlefield known as 'Heartbreak Ridge' in Korea 60 years ago. And there was a lecture from the Gresham fire department on the front page of The Outlook scolding people to call the fire department immediately when there was a sign of smoke. Unfortunately, the number of the fire department was not printed. In those days, every fire department had its own emergency number. There was no 9-1-1.

1961 - The new tower at the Troutdale airport was to open on Nov. 1, 50 years ago. A 12-year-old Corbett boy, William MacKay, fell from Larch Mountain to his death. He was there with two friends and went past a railing to retrieve to toy plane. And Gresham Justice of the Peace Sid Bartels upheld a ruling that three Yakama Indians could fish out of season under their treaty rights.

1971 - Interviewed 40 years ago about her ambitious efforts to promote and encourage women, Gresham activist Betty Schedeen said, 'This was the best of all possible ages. People are free to do their own thing.'

But Schedeen was prophetic in deviating from the advice of women's liberation advocates who said that women should never tell their bosses they can type.

'They're getting off the track,' she said. 'Everybody should type. It's a necessity of life.'

1981 - Beloved coach and teacher Bud Monnes retired from Gresham High 30 years ago, after a 35-year career. And Troutdale's main street character, Uncle Walt Swirtz who painted Big Foot on the side of the vintage bank building where he bunked those days, was interviewed by The Outlook. Walt kept chickens and other fowl, but housed them across the street on then vacant property. Troutdale's only traffic jams were caused when the flock crossed the street.

1991 - When the counting was done 20 years ago, the U.S. Forest Service calculated that the gorge fire covered 1,400 acres. Only about 20 percent of the burn was a severe enough intensity to kill all plants in the area. The rest burned through quickly, often taking only ground cover. And at McMenamins Edgefield, the wine press was running and the basement of the old infirmary was a winery, turning out the 1991 vintage. Kevin McCarver was punching down the fermented grapes. He is still there.

2001 - A new A and W restaurant with car hops opened at the old Heidi's location on Highway 26 10 years ago. The Multnomah County Correctional Facility on the county farm at Troutdale was set to close. The site was purchased by McMenamins Edgefield and awaits conversion to a hotel.

2010 - At this time last year, voters were offered a levy that would bail out the struggling Oregon Historical Society and give a small part of the income produced to local historical societies. It was passed, and in Troutdale this week, the Harlow House Museum has a new coat of paint. In Gresham, work continues on vital repairs to the old Gresham library, which is the museum building.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.