Driver broke rules when mother was left in Hillsboro following confrontation

TriMet will discipline the bus driver in the infamous crying baby case.

Magdalena Rabadan, of Forest Grove, told the Oregonian's Joseph Rose that her husband picked her up in Hillsboro Sep. 29 after the driver of the 57 bus she was riding confronted her over the crying of her toddler, Jessica.

Rabadan left the bus, taking Jessica with her, following the confrontation.

The story, which Rose broke, gained traction online and the transit agency launched an investigation.

In a video of the incident, released by TriMet, other passengers are seen confronting the bus driver about her interaction with Rabadan.

TriMet has still not identified the driver who Rabadan off the 57. But in a late Friday afternoon press release, TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane said her actions on Sept. 29 violated the regional transit agency's rules.

McFarlane called the incident unfortunate for everyone on the bus, which began service at the Beaverton Transit Center. McFarlane said the driver's actions were not representative of other TriMet drivers, who provide more than 100 million trips a year.

TriMet rules prohibit vulnerable riders from being abandoned.

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