What happened to the justice of going after the one who committed the crime?.

School board members have public's best interests in mind

After reading the statements by Terry Howell and Anna Tavera-Weller that appeared in the Oct. 5 News-Times explaining why they think they need to stay on the board (those statements will be reprinted in your ballot), I will be voting 'no' on the recall effort.

Howell and Tavera-Weller have made very hard decisions in good faith, have been on the board long enough to learn the many details necessary to set policy for the school district/administration, and have the best interests of all of the students in mind while making those hard decisions.

Dale Feik

Forest Grove

Board members should be recalled

Jason Giddings' guest column in the Oct. 5 News-Times addresses the pabulum from Terry Howell and Anna Tavera-Weller in the same edition.

Key to my support for and involvement in the recall is the lack of vision for Forest Grove schools and absent leadership of the administration.

Tavera-Weller's statement demonstrates this by continuing to believe the recall is about the closure of Gales Creek Elementary and believing in the necessity of the costly mind-numbing reading program.

Howell's statement is much more odious. He has written 200 words of beautiful political effluvia: He starts as a victim to the economy, then basks in the reflected glow of students' achievements, pretends to pull up a chair to our concerns and finishes with a plea of allowance to finish his duty.

All of it is meaningless, as he has shown himself to be a drone of the administration during his tenure on the board.

Giddings ends his opinion by recommending everyone educate themselves on the issues surrounding the recall. Howell's and Tavera-Weller's statements remind us to educate ourselves on the people being recalled.

YES: They simply should not be on the board.

Quentin Crain

Forest Grove

Suit against scouts only hurts kids

An open letter to the man who just won $20 million from the Boy Scouts of America because of the crime of one of its leaders:

Your greed is showing. It's out there for all the world to see. You, and the lawyers who feed off you, and the decrepit law that supports your action, have stolen from children the funds that would have sent some other abused kid to camp.

The Christmas tree I bought from those kids, the work they all did to get them to the parking lot, the goodness of the merchants who let them set up there, the learning about justice, sportsmanship, how to handle yourself in the bad situations we all must face, from leaders of honesty and integrity, all going to feed your greed, your revenge.

What happened to the justice of going after the one who committed the crime? You have made innocent small boys pay for your own personal desires. You are no different from the one who did just that to you.

You have become just like him. You could have become a Scout leader and changed all that.

Bev Walker

Forest Grove

Let's build on success of sustainability forum

After attending the City of Forest Grove's Sustainability Program on Oct. 8, I will not miss the follow-up session Saturday, Oct 22, starting at 9:30 am.

Community Development Director Jon Holan gave a very clear, concise presentation why all of our city councilors are concerned about sustainability. Jon also asked Doug Martin, a representative from Pacific University, to talk about what Pacific is doing to become more sustainable and green. Carla Ingrando, the university's Civic Engagement Coordinator, also attended.

Since Pacific owns much property in Forest Grove and impacts greatly the health of the environment, its input is critical. Both Doug and Carla said they will be attending the next session.

I would also encourage a representative(s) from the school district to attend the Oct. 22 meeting. Forest Grove has way too much at stake to not have the biggest employers and facility managers/designers to give input.

Jon provided a handout that let us follow his presentation. You can request one at City Hall or contact Jon at 503- 992-3224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Jon also posted the document on the city web page:

You don't have to have attended the first meeting to actively participate in the second one. The city wants as many people as possible to participate. We as citizens will have the opportunity to develop future efforts to promote sustainability in our community

Dale Feik

Forest Grove

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