by: Photo By Debbie Lyons - Culver knights, from left, Jerron Rhen, Jordan Bender, Brandon Miller and Jared Garber, attended the Medieval Feast.

   By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Culver school's cafeteria was transformed into a great hall as a Medieval Feast was held by Culver's second grade students, parents and teachers on March 18.
   One hundred and 50 adults and students attended the festivities which included entertainment by jugglers and medieval songs.
   This night was the culmination of a lot of work done by both second grade teachers Bonnie Brown, Glenda Cloud and the students in their classes.
   Brown explained that in January the "Scottish Story Line" (board activity) began as their students started the great adventure of "building" their own castle in each classroom and displaying it up on a large wall.
   Students learned about medieval life, parts of the castle and why they were built. They had to write their own code of chivalry. They also created shields with symbols to show their family coat of arms.
   As an interactive learning experience, the students castles were threatened by Vikings and were overtaken by rats which spread the Black Death. Brown said the students had to work as a group and overcome these obstacles.
   One of the highlights of the evening is when "Queen Stefanie Rose" (Stefanie Garber, elementary school principal) "knighted or ladied" the students because she felt they deserved it for all of their efforts in overcoming the Vikings and rats and protecting their castles.
   This method of teaching helps students learn because, "Kids are completely engaged and get to interact with history," emphasized Brown.
   Cloud commented, "Storyline gives them an opportunity to develop and use their imaginations."
   The teachers expressed thanks to all the parents who helped organize the event as well as Safeway in Madras for donating ham and cheese and Albertson's in Redmond for offering reduced prices on food.
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