by: File Photo - Bob Ringering

"Our man east of the mountains" is one way to describe Bob Ringering, new loss-control expert for the Oregon School Boards Association's property and casualty insurance service.
   Ringering, a former Jefferson County School Board member, joined the Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE) program to provide safety services normally provided from Salem. He's the former manager of the North Unit Irrigation District in Jefferson County.
   From Madras, Ringering provides risk management and training in topics ranging from CPR to first aid. He'll do safety inspections and help familiarize districts with new ethics and safety laws.
   "Being in the middle of the state means I'm more accessible than someone from Salem or Tigard," he said. He is employed by the Special Districts Association of Oregon, but is dedicated to OSBA's PACE program. The association has three loss-control specialists in Western Oregon; Ringering is the first on the east side.
   School districts that rarely saw a safety inspector in the past can expect visits from Ringering. He's already planning visits to districts such as Pendleton, Umatilla, Lakeview and Ontario.
   "Checking schools inside and out can help keep accidents down," Ringering said.
   For more information, contact the Oregon School Boards Association at (503) 588-2800.
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