Mothers murder still unsolved

Older sister longs for end to 26-year-old mystery

In 1985, Diane Jordan was a 27-year-old mother who was still close to her older sister, Juanita Jordan.

"She was the baby sister, the last one to be born. She grew up following us around, we had to teach her everything," Juanita says today.

Fox 12 reporter Nicole Doll has spent weeks talking to Portland police Cold Case Division detectives about their unsolved cases and going through the files. Her stories are being run every Thursday on the 10 O'clock News in hopes the public can help solve them. This story was broadcast on Oct. 20.

According to Portland police, Diane was last seen alive on July 18 on Northeast Union Avenue, which is now Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

"There were quite a few people who had information about Diane's whereabouts the evening before she was discovered. In fact, the last sighting was about 130 in the morning, so we have a pretty narrow window as far as when we know she died," says Portland police Det. Jim Lawrence, who is taking another look at the 26-year-old case.

"Back in 1985, there was no Starbucks on MLK, but investigators say there was a glass shop. A worker went to take out the trash and found Diane's partly clad body.

Juanita can still picture when two police officers came knocking on her door that day.

"It was a nice summer day in July. I had my front door open. They told me she had been murdered," Juanita says.

The way Diane was killed still haunts Juanita.

"It hurts so deep, you still have dreams. It pulls out some deep emotions in you, you didn't even know you had,' says Juanita.

Investigators say the night of the murder, neighbors heard a woman cry for help from the back of a white van at Northeast 6th and Roselawn, near where Diane was last seen alive. They describe the van as 1976 or 1977 with chrome wheels, no windows on the driver's side, cargo-type back doors and a spare tire and spare tire holder mounted to the back.

Forensics may also come into play in solving this case. A lot has changed in 26 years in terms of DNA analysis and evidence in the case is being re-examined.

"Some of that has yielded leads that were going to follow up on, but some we're having re-examined based on new technologies that have even been developed in the last couple of years," says Lawrence.

The years have gone by for Diane's family. Her two sons are now grown with families of their own. Juanita still keeps her sister close. She purposely placed Diane's grave where she can see it off Highway 26.

"I put it in a spot, by trees, a row of trees, so i can pass on the freeway and see her," says Juanita, a big sister still keeping watch on her little sister.

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